I am Astrid

My Story

A word from Astrid…. 


I have had to overcome many struggles and obstacles in my life;

time and time again life would present itself in its most challenging form.

Through these times, I have developed skills to overcome adversity; 

through these struggles I found little mechanisms that helped me stay sane while I wasn’t sure if I would make it through the day or if it would be easier to run?


We all have challenges in life that we must deal with, the story may be different, but the tremendous impact is often the same. The isolation and embarrassment that comes from tough times does not need to define you. Everyone faces adversity in their life, we just do not talk about it but instead, we put our effort into maintaining the “mask” of happiness and success.


Through my life, my experience and my story, I have learnt how to get back on my feet, how to recover, how to reinvent myself and how to become successful again. 

And I can show you how to get there, too.

Astrid Ellis

My Mission

I am here to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

Take some time solely for you.

My Thriving Solutions will guide you, help you focus on your development and subsequently unlock your potential. Achieve your goals regardless of how big they are.

Let's get started.