Meet Astrid


“Astrid has been an anchor for me and a mentor to many entrepreneurs around her including myself. She is the ultimate poster child for bravado and self-empowerment as she truly walks the talk. Her energy is electric and I have never left without feeling supercharged and ready to thrive again!”

“Astrid is a phenomenal business cheerleader, networker and mentor. She is able to quickly identify areas of improvement and has the talent to address them in a kind and diplomatic way. She helped me in countless ways - from personal matters to work related challenges, from great makeup tutorials to business referrals. I highly recommend Astrid if you want to get things done.”

Nicole Marton

“Astrid changed my life. She forced me to boldly look at my excuses and overcome them. Together we identified my fear of speaking up and why. We worked on it and now I confidently have my say in meetings. I even took on a project leading it. My team leader recognized my efforts; and I finally I got the promotion I wanted for so long.

I couldn’t be happier. Astrid was the mentor I needed to grow!


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